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    The NBC series welder use CO2 gas as shielding gas,welding wire as electrode,a melting semi-automatic gas shielded arv weld- ing£¨Gas welding£©.Suitable for low carbon steel,low alloy steel,
compared with the general manual arc welding machine with ener- gy-saving,materials,high efficlency,and low cost, CO2 and Ar gas mixture shielding gas,welding stainless steel with the appropriate

    CO2 gas shielded welding machine has the characteristics:
1,the low cost, CO2 gas is cheep,the cost is equivalent to about 40% of the submerged arc welding and manual arc welding.
2,high production efficiency the CO2 electric arc heat concen- Trated arc penetration,deep penetration welding rise,wire melting Tate,high-speed welding,and welding slag,the multilayer welding Unclear slag.
3,it can all-position welding.
4,using filaments welding,the workplace welding deformation Can be reduced.
5,low hydrogen content of the weld,anti-corrosion resistance, Crack resistance.

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